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Free Bitcoins

REGISTER on FREEBITCOIN is a Bitcoin faucet, that pays you a certain amount of Bitcoins every hour. Simple as that. Once you reach the payout threshold, the Bitcoins will be paid out to your wallet automatically. When we talk about faucets, we are talking about Satoshis. Satoshi is not another coin, it is just the term for 0.00000001 Bitcoin. The amount that you get depends on the Bitcoin price. At the moment (February 2018) we are at around 20 to 200 Satoshis per hour.

There have been many faucet’s or faucet networks over the years, but this is still one of the best and one of the very few that have survived until now. ​The site is legit, as I have received coins for myself, and it also offers a betting game and reward programs.

There are certain strategies to maximize your earnings, and there are tons of videos out there, that promise you an easy passive income with that site. Most (if not all) is of it just not true, so don’t fall for that.

Collect Reward Points!
If you play by yourself, you should take a look at the reward point system. Whenever you roll the dice, you will receive reward points, that can be converted into Satoshi later. You should disable the lottery tickets, so that you earn more reward points with each roll.

​Now that you receive reward points much faster, you can even redeem them, to receive more reward points per roll. If you roll more often than 12 times per day, this can help you grow your reward points really fast!

​Let us see, what you can really do.

What About Investing Bitcoins?
You can invest money on your account, and they pay you a certain interest rate per year (around 4% at the moment), which means you get Satoshis on a daily basis. You can check the calculator on their page to find out, how much it would make you.

If you like to, you can leave your Satoshis just in your account and if you receive enough (especially with referrals), they grow automatically and you receive a little bonus every day. You just have to remove the auto withdraw option in your profile and you are done.

You won’t become rich, but you can earn a lot of Satoshis for almost not doing anything. Even if you don’t want to play for yourself, it might be worth a shot to test it and recommend it to your friends, if you like it.

On the other hand, if you do want to play for yourself, many people can do it even while they work. You just activate the alarm and you won’t miss the next roll. OK fine, but what can I do with 30.000 Satoshis you ask? Leave them in your wallet and in a few years, when the Bitcoin price reaches $10.000 or more eventually, you might see it very different. Especially, if you collect Satoshis for a long period of time. If it goes on like before, you could suddenly end up having a few hundred bucks in your wallet.

​There is no guarantee, but it is really not like this has never happened before. Just imagine how much you would have today, if you would have started in 2013, when it was easy to earn 10.000 Satoshis per day.

By the way, there is another similar program like this. If you like, you should also check out It has not so many features, but it is still a very good faucet.