ThePornDude helps you find nude celebrity leaks


You’ve no doubt seen some celebs here on Video Celebs that you weren’t familiar with. Well, you’d be forgiven. I mean, who can know every single celebrity out there, the entire world over, right? Some are A-list and are unmistakable. Some are B-list and you may have seen them in something, but can’t quite place them. But then there are the C and D-list celebs that you don’t know from any random person on the street. This was and is the case with The Fappening as well; jaw-dropping pics and videos leaked and outright stolen from celebrities all over the globe. But some of them, ya just had no clue who they were. Or maybe you knew their face, but not their name. That’s when Wikipedia and Google came in handy. Am I right?

Carly Foulkes, for instance. Many (in the United States, anyway) knew her face, but not her name or who she was. Well, she’s a 29-year-old Canadian model who became known for being the pink summer dress-clad T-Mobile girl in their advertisements starting in 2010. Some of her modeling nudes were leaked during The Fappening and her face and body were reintroduced to us in revealing detail.

She’s just one example, and there were and are still tons of them. But are you tired of having to scour the entire Internet to find the absolute best place(s) to see the content from the infamous iCloud hack? Well, stress no more. The Porn Dude has taken all of the work out of the equation for you. He did what he does best and started finding and ranking the best sites for all the leaked content that we all know and love. He ranked them on such things as mobile-friendliness, ease of navigation, layout and a bunch of other criteria. Go and see what you think and let all his hard work pay off for you.