Alina Thompson nude - Kiss of Death (1995)

Alina Thompson in the clip is seen driving in the car as the clip started with the scene of something being driven with the camera in it. Further in the clip we got to see a dance bar where all the girls can be seen nude wearing only black panties on their pussies dancing and enjoying the moments. There were many people sitting and standing in the club who can be see chanting the name of Alina Thompson as she was dancing really hot and sexy way.

The clip also showed the sexy curved figure of Alina Thompson and her striptease that made things go hard and sexy down for every viewer watching it. Further she is seen being lifted by a male partner of her whom she opened clothes when he came in the house. Upon the opening of her clothes, she is seen enjoying the moment as she was also made nude and we got to see her sexy boobs with her nipples being hard and sexy in the clip.

The clip has been taken from the movie named Kiss of Death and it was released in the year 1995. Alina Thompson showed her boobs and sexy ass in the clip while she also did an exciting and hot strip tease in the clip.

Alina Thompson nude - Kiss of Death (1995) Alina Thompson nude - Kiss of Death (1995) Alina Thompson nude - Kiss of Death (1995)

Actress: Alina Thompson
Movies: Kiss of Death
Tags: topless, sex, nude, striptease


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