Anna Chipovskaya sexy - Superplokhie (2016)

Anna Chipovskaya was seen in an extra ordinary super fast blazing action when she made the guy jump and fall over the bed and then she also came and jumped over his dick. With a belt in her hand, she started hitting the guy with it, while sitting on his lap with his dick inside her pussy, she moaned loudly and jumped on his dick and was fucking herself and on the same time was hitting the guy with the belt in her hand in excitement.

The clip is very short and is not even of a whole minute though we got to see the beautiful body of Anna Chipovskaya and she also showed us her cleavage and the part of the breast coming out from the spaghetti she was wearing. The clip has been taken from the movie Superlokhie which was released in 2016.

Anna Chipovskaya sexy - Superplokhie (2016) Anna Chipovskaya sexy - Superplokhie (2016)

Actress: Anna Chipovskaya
Movies: Superplokhie
Tags: sex, sexy, cleavage


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  • fatherfucker: 7 +1 -1

    she did not take her fatherfucking trousers off, dumbass! his dick did not put inside her vagina! what the fuck were she moaning for? which fatherfucker wrote this dumbass text? go fuck yourself, man!

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