Bridget Fonda nude - Point of No Return (1993)

Bridget Fonda looked super sexy lying on the bed with her tank top over her body while her thighs and butts fully nude. She talked for a while with her male guy and then turns towards him that shows us her skinny grey panty covering her beautiful pussy down there. Her thighs looked leaned and sexy with her beautiful skinny panty, tank top over her body. She kept on talking to her male friend for a while as she performs some shooting action on the wall too.

There is also a fighting scene in the clip where Bridget Fonda suddenly during after the fight opens her clothes and comes over her male partner. She places his hands over her boobs and makes him massage her boobs. She enjoys having a photo shoot next and then enjoys having sex too with her male partner. She sucks the lips of the guy in her room with long hairs as without wasting any moment, he pushes her on bed, starts licking her lips. He opens his pants and stats pounding her from behind. Removing her skirt. The clip has been taken from the moving Point of No Return which was released in 1993. We managed to see her tits as well as her sexy adorable moanings while having sexual pleasures.

Bridget Fonda nude - Point of No Return (1993) Bridget Fonda nude - Point of No Return (1993)

Actress: Bridget Fonda
Movies: Point of No Return
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