Carla Gugino nude - Elektra Luxx (2010)

Wearing black laced silk dress on her sexy body, Carla Gugino looked beautiful lady as matured as showing her assets on screen without hesitating. In the clip, Carla Gugino was seen placing her thighs over the shoulder of the guy and getting her pussy sucked by her male partner, she was seen on the bed in doggy style getting fucked by her male partner from behind. Her boobs in blue designer bra looked sexy and appealing. In the next scene, she was seen wearing her panty over her cloths in front of the guy and other girl in the room.

She was sleeping on the bed with her floral panty over her butts while boobs were totally nude. The guy approaches her and sits beside her. He then touches her hairs, and slides his hand over them. Further, Carla Gugino was seen in the clip dancing and showing off her body wearing red short skirt with designer georgette black laced dress, she strips and shows her cleavage as well. There is not much other nude scenes but she looked quite sexy in the underwear and that blue black bikini she was wearing. The clip has been taken from the movie Elektra Luxx which was released in 2010.

Carla Gugino nude - Elektra Luxx (2010) Carla Gugino nude - Elektra Luxx (2010)

Actress: Carla Gugino
Movies: Elektra Luxx
Tags: butt, nude, underwear, cleavage, bikini


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    Amazing woman love her still again and again !!

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    She's fat in all the right places. Beautiful body.

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    Love how shiny and wet her butt looks when she stands up out of the tub. Great ass.

  • BehindTheScene: 1 +1 -1

    Carla Gugino's only nude scene comes at a crucial dramatic moment when Elektra has a vision of the Virgin Mary (played by Julianne Moore) while in the bathtub."We wanted her to be much more like a little girl," says Gugino of the sequence. "We wanted her to be stripped of any of the kind of attachments, because you see all the fake porn stuff that we do in the movie. That's obviously more kind of lascivious - and humorous, too - but physically it's very non-revealing. She needed to be bare of the classic look of the porn star - I just wanted her at some point to be unencumbered by the fake lashes, sort of stripped down so that she could have this moment where she breaks down, where she's really kind of starting over for real. So it was really intentional." (IMDb)

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