Caroline Ducey nude - Romance (1999)

Caroline Ducey in nude scene from Romance which was released in 1999. She shows us her tits and butt in very explicit sex scenes

Caroline Ducey nude - Romance (1999)Caroline Ducey nude - Romance (1999)Caroline Ducey nude - Romance (1999)

Actress: Caroline Ducey
Movies: Romance
Tags: topless, sex, butt, nude, explicit


26 thought on “Caroline Ducey nude - Romance (1999)

  • XOX: 53 +1 -1

    I've seen this movie. Very nice

  • HOMBRE: 45 +1 -1

    I haven't seen this flic yet. But it's on my very long list... This chick definitely is not camera shy. Nor is she a prude. Got to dig that....

  • Anonymous: 33 +1 -1

    Very nice

  • Singh shahu: 31 +1 -1

    Very nice

  • LeBlanc: 32 +1 -1

    Dang! Think Ive watched too much porn. This has me hard as a rock

  • DuDu: 24 +1 -1

    An incredibly brave performance by Caroline Ducey in this film

  • Anonymous: 15 +1 -1


  • Kingsmen: 44 +1 -1

    Beautiful Caroline...

  • geller: 22 +1 -1


  • Anonymous: 20 +1 -1

    Very nicee

  • G.p: 2 +1 -1

    Good faith and true love

  • Atr: 19 +1 -1

    Fucking hot she is

  • InAquaVero: 25 +1 -1

    I literally cannot imagine a sexier, more beautiful girl than her. Just to look at her is heartbreaking ecstasy.

  • Ascojunior: 4 +1 -1

    She need fuck like she never need before.

  • Ascojunior: 6 +1 -1

    Beauty lady go crazy.

  • Wrohn: 12 +1 -1

    Very nice movie.

  • Davie A.: 11 +1 -1

    She is so Hot 2 she makes me have Hard On!!!

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    I agree his penis is amazing. The best penis. Incredible flavor. Just the best penis! Trust me guys, I know, I know, and come 2024 we’re all gonna cum for that juicy beautiful penis I mean sleepy how could never handle a penis that thick. Not like me. I tell ya folks I don’t know what we’re gonna do if sleepy Joe gets 4 more years. I don’t think that beautiful hog can wait that long for my lips. SHAMEFUL! SAD SAD!!!

  • BehindTheScene: 32 +1 -1

    Caroline Ducey accepted the part of Marie knowing that 'going all the way' was written into her contract. Apparently, Ducey began the film thinking that it would also be an exit from the sexual relationship she was in, but then decided while it was being made that she wanted to stay with her boyfriend. By the end, she was in a state of considerable distress. For this reason, although the sex was not simulated, Catherine Breillat chose to edit the scene so to not show explicitly Siffredi's penis entering Ducey's vagina. Breillat showed Ducey's boyfriend the film during editing and he was convinced that his girlfriend wasn't fully penetrated. 'It was important for him,' says Breillat.

  • Bahadur singh: 8 +1 -1

    Very hot sexy video Very nice

  • Bahadur singh: 6 +1 -1

    Very hot and cold sexy

  • Zach Danielz: 8 +1 -1

    Jesus. That scene between the Italian pornstar and the main actress- now that's one of the most gloriously erotic sex scenes I've ever seen.

  • Sami mande junior.: -2 +1 -1

    Saya pernah nonton filmnya luar biasa nggak ada malu nya

  • Ildk: 8 +1 -1

    Catherine Breillat let a porn actor fuck someone's distrressed girflriend for the artistic purposes. The actress was crying on the set. But the greatness of the director allowed her not being fully penetrated and not showing it on screen. Typical French detachment, as usually sex obsessed. Everyone knows the whole purpose of this movie is to show emotions related to sex, consensual and rape, or medical examination. In the context of acting, always different, but in sexuality there is no acting. It's crossing a border, from theatre or a movie and acting towards real emotions. And even though it's scripted, it's two people having sex, not actors. That was the whole point which is different than usual movies and only the quality makes it any different than porn or reality show.

  • me: 0 +1 -1

    I could imagine she as my sister to fuck like this

  • Anonymous: 2 +1 -1

    The big sex scene between the two was shot from 10 in the evening to 5 in the morning. Breillat had a reason to keep it going that long. "This is a man who can go for hours in a state of erection. But by 5 a.m., he was sagging a little bit, which is what I wanted. I wanted the lovemaking to be more natural, not the porno style where you are all ready to go no matter what." - Catherine Breillat (SFGATE interview)

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