Elizabeth Olsen nude - Oldboy (2013)

Elizabeth Olsen in nude scene from Oldboy which was released in 2013. She shows us her tits and ass in sex scene.

She fall in love with Josh Brolin and fucks him. What she doesn't know that he is her father, who has been in captivity for a long time.

Elizabeth Olsen nude - Oldboy (2013) Elizabeth Olsen nude - Oldboy (2013) Elizabeth Olsen nude - Oldboy (2013)

Actress: Elizabeth Olsen
Movies: Oldboy
Tags: topless, sex, butt, nude, incest, father-daughter


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  • Review:

    This is a very well done nude scene, with nice views of T&A from Elizabeth Olsen. Having scenes in bras and panties earlier in the film only builds up to her nude scene, which is well set up with her in a wet towel sitting next to a shirtless Josh Brolin. Whilst the context of the scene is weird (the fact that she is having sex with her dad/the purple alien who killed her android lover), you can feel the intimacy when Elizabeth wraps her arm around Josh and kisses him as her boob slips into view. Then a lovey shot of her lying naked on the bed, although unfortunately her leg is raised so we can’t see her vagina (she said in an interview that the only thing off limits were her genitals). Elizabeth has gone on record saying that she has no problem getting naked if it suits the story, and we can definitely see that here as we get a nice view of her ass as she straddles Josh. As the eagle-eyed may spot, when Elizabeth is riding Josh you can see his flaccid penis come into view briefly. I have no idea how he remained flaccid when a beautiful woman like Elizabeth is straddling him. In conclusion, this is a very good sex scene filled with nudity front Elizabeth. 8/10

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