Elsa Pataky nude - Di Di Hollywood (2010)

Elsa Pataky in nude scene from Di Di Hollywood which was released in 2010. She shows us her tits and ass.

Elsa Pataky nude - Di Di Hollywood (2010)Elsa Pataky nude - Di Di Hollywood (2010)

Actress: Elsa Pataky
Movies: Di Di Hollywood
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    During a sex scene taking place in a swimming pool in Alicante, Elsa Pataky was freezing to death because of the temperature of the water. Next to her Leonardo García Vale was a bit nervous. "It gave me a little bit of... well, you know. And Bigas told me, 'no no, you go in, you go in'. I said, 'ok, well', and Elsa was shivering with cold, so she hugged me even tighter," says an amused García. [...] "And well, I fuck her. There are some pretty strong and good sex scenes. Come on, a la Bigas Luna, master of eroticism. But it's all with absolute professionalism and respect. Elsa is someone like that," he says.

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