Jelena Rakocevic nude - Nymph (2014)

Jelena Rakocevic in the clip is seen with her male partner at night opening her shirt under which she was not wearing anything else. She shows her boobs to the guy standing and the guy runs towards her without making and wasting anytime and holds her waist. As the girl was about to kiss and lick his lips, the guy makes her get aside and jumps in the sea from the top making the girl worry about the happening. The girl runs behind him and suddenly there arrives a man with chain in his hand. The girl calls for his help and then the clip shows the guy with chain taking the girl from her hairs to somewhere else.

The clip has been taken from the movie named Nymph which was released in the year 2014. The clip showed her sexy and hot boobs with beautiful blonde hairs.

Jelena Rakocevic nude - Nymph (2014) Jelena Rakocevic nude - Nymph (2014) Jelena Rakocevic nude - Nymph (2014)

Actress: Jelena Rakocevic
Movies: Nymph
Tags: topless, nude


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