Jessica Alba sexy - Mechanic Resurrection (2016)

Jessica Alba is seen lying on the bed with the guy pointing out her passport toward her and saying something related to her. Probably showing the photo of her boyfriend. He points the gun towards her on to which she relicts. In the next scene, she was seen wearing sky blue colored bikini, resting on the beach. She looked seriously hot and sizzling and as much as sexy that you just can`t help yourself out from the clip.

Jessica Alba walks towards the water and then dives inside it, she goes deep down in the water under the corals showing us her sexy curves and her cleavage. She looked gorgeous and diva in that bikini. In the next further seen she was seen having kissing her male partner, wearing bra, she stands kissing her. He opens her dress and presses her ass too.

The clip has been taken from the movie named Mechanic Resurrection which was released in 2016. Jessica Alba looked sexy and hot in the clip and we also got to see her cleavage.

Jessica Alba sexy - Mechanic Resurrection (2016) Jessica Alba sexy - Mechanic Resurrection (2016)

Actress: Jessica Alba
Movies: Mechanic Resurrection
Tags: underwear, sexy, cleavage, bikini


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