Julia Roberts nude - Pretty Woman (1990)

Julia Roberts in the clip was standing on her knees in front of her male partner. She removes her dress while standing near to him. When she removes the dress, we got to see her beautiful body being wrapped in sexy pairs of her bra and panty. With her hairs that were blonde and shoulder length too she showed us her beautiful butts also. In the next scene, she was seen undressed by a guy holding her in his hands and placing her on the table. The guy starts kissing her lips and sucking them and suddenly he spreads her legs and then slides his hands over her boobs and stomach with sexy way.

The guy then also kisses her while having some sexy ways of loving her. She was also seen further wearing sexy camisole that was of silk textured and beautifully designed. The clip has been taken from the movie named Pretty Woman which was released in the year 1990. Julia Roberts showed us her boobs and sexy side boobs including her butts also. There was no sex scene or activity in the clip but Julia Roberts looked sexy in the black and white underwear she was wearing.

Julia Roberts nude - Pretty Woman (1990) Julia Roberts nude - Pretty Woman (1990) Julia Roberts nude - Pretty Woman (1990)

Actress: Julia Roberts
Movies: Pretty Woman
Tags: topless, sex, nude, underwear


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    Super video I like julia

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    Great film,Julia Roberts

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