Laetitia Casta nude - The Island (2011)

Laetitia Casta in the clip is seen wearing red colored hot and sizzling bikini being laid on the beach floor with her butts on the upper side and boobs on the floor. She gives sun screen to her male partner and asks him to rub it on her back and then when the guy starts rubbing it she wakes up and smiles at him prior before ribbing the sun screen.

Further in the clip both the male partner and her female partner named Laetitia Casta is see in he sea with their bodies being nude and enjoying sexy and hot swimming in the sea. Further Laetitia Casta can be seen washing herself with the soap inside the washroom from front to back, she is seen nude and thus made us feel really hot and sexy on looking to her. She showed her boobs and sexy body also.

The clip has been taken from the movie named The Island which is released in the year 2011. Laetitia Casta showed her beautiful boobs and side boobs in the clip with her butts being washed and visible to us. She looked sizzling and mesmerizing in that red bikini of her with her round ass being fitted in that bikini don there on her butts.

Laetitia Casta nude - The Island (2011) Laetitia Casta nude - The Island (2011) Laetitia Casta nude - The Island (2011)

Actress: Laetitia Casta
Movies: The Island
Tags: sex, butt, nude, side boob, bikini


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