Lauren Lee Smith nude - Cinemanovels (2013)

Lauren Lee Smith in the clip is seen laden on the bed with blanket over her body and she stands up and sees inside the bed as she fears of someone inside the bed. She sits on the edge of the bed and then walks outside the bedroom and goes in the lobby and sits there with her mobile in her hand. She is seen wearing sexy camisole with beautiful looking panty down there. While she was holding cup of coffee in her hand, her male partner comes in and taken some books with him also. They both talk about something and then she was seen kissing his lips while talking to him and feeling good after kissing him.

Further she takes out a gift that was quite small out of the oven and gives it to the guy and the guy hugs her from behind and then talks to her feeling heavy. They both enjoy having sex in the bedroom with us seeing her boobs and tits in the movie. Though there were not enough sexual and beautiful fucking scenes but there is a scene that lasts for some time and makes us see Lauren Lee Smith getting fucked heavily and brutally by her male partner and feeling wow. The clip has been taken for the movie named Cinema novels which was released in the year 2013.

Lauren Lee Smith nude - Cinemanovels (2013) Lauren Lee Smith nude - Cinemanovels (2013) Lauren Lee Smith nude - Cinemanovels (2013)

Actress: Lauren Lee Smith
Movies: Cinemanovels
Tags: topless, sex, butt, nude, see thru


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