Lea Seydoux nude, Adele Exarchopoulos nude - Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

Lea Seydoux in nude scene from Blue is the Warmest Color which was released in 2013. She shows us her tits and ass including full frontal nudity in lesbian sex scene.
Also Adele Exarchopoulos naked in Blue is the Warmest Color. We can see lesbian and sex scene with her. So Adele Exarchopoulos is not shy and she demonstrating her ass, boobs and even full frontal nudity.

Lea Seydoux nude, Adele Exarchopoulos nude - Blue is the Warmest Color (2013) Lea Seydoux nude, Adele Exarchopoulos nude - Blue is the Warmest Color (2013) Lea Seydoux nude, Adele Exarchopoulos nude - Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

Actress: Lea Seydoux, Adele Exarchopoulos
Movies: Blue is the Warmest Color
Tags: topless, sex, butt, nude, full frontal, lesbian


63 thought on “Lea Seydoux nude, Adele Exarchopoulos nude - Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

  • master_chef: -113 +1 -1

    There was no polarity and it was like watching two slices of bread fricting to eachother !

  • hombre: 181 +1 -1

    Regardless off what the simpleton fags say, this erotic scene of two teenage lesbians is, an extremely realistic moment. I see two girls completely oblivious to the camera and crew. To put it quite frankly , they were clearly in tune with each other and really fucking! I so dig this film...

  • HOMBRE: 114 +1 -1

    P.S these little ladies are FUCKING HOTTTT!!!!

  • Cunk: 135 +1 -1

    This was real

  • Bvcg: 83 +1 -1

    It was so hotttt I loved it

  • Jimmy: 137 +1 -1

    Hottest lesbian scene ever filmed

  • Ache: 79 +1 -1

    Beautiful, real and I really enjoy it.

  • Milkman: 58 +1 -1

    Hey, hombre, I agree with you but let's keep it chill here and enjoy the gorgeous ladies :)

  • Jmaes bond: -270 +1 -1

    I love Lea, but the other pig is disgusting ..

  • Thanks bond!: 80 +1 -1


  • BABABA: 51 +1 -1

    02:09 WoW

  • Pikachuchu: -39 +1 -1

    Recién me entero que es la misma mina que está en Mision Imposible. Con ese pelo azul no la reconocí. Supongo que les pagaron doble, porque ahi hubo chacachaca real

  • Noice69: 72 +1 -1

    @Jmaes bond!-Shut the fuck up . Adele is hot too.

  • Fragile: 38 +1 -1

    She doesn't seem so fragile in bed

  • She wolf: 37 +1 -1


  • tit sucker: 32 +1 -1

    love this movie

  • Beach: 43 +1 -1

    Definitely this has to be the BEST scene I have ever in a film!

  • Rocking Blue ;): 67 +1 -1

    I totally love the scene when Lea Seydoux fully places her face inside Adele Exarchopoulos' butt at 7.35 and licks her

  • Blue girl: 54 +1 -1

    It looks so yummy when Lea licks Adele's vagina at 4.18

  • Adele's Fan: 28 +1 -1

    @Blue girl... U saw just that? What about Adele's thighs, her legs and thickness of her butt at 4.27???

  • Hooman: 45 +1 -1

    I fell in love with Adele everytime she squeezes Lea's butt or when she fingers inside Lea's butt.... Awww!!!

  • banok: 25 +1 -1

    The best

  • TheHound: 33 +1 -1

    The Best of the BEST

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    I would love to eat them out and have them piss on my dick

  • Asha: 23 +1 -1

    Add young and old slso

  • Honestlove: 28 +1 -1

    This is definitely one of the best lesbo scenes in a movie...damn..the way they both move...looks very genuine and real...wonder why it doesn't have explicit tag on it...pls add explicit tag to this vid

  • Anon: 49 +1 -1

    Adele said the way the scenes were filmed they forgot the cameras were their after a while It took 10 days to film the scenes The sex is mostly real, so it’s bizarre how it’s not classed as porn Like mouth to pussy and ass even if no tongue but the pussy to pussy is clearly real The actresses admitted after they one the Palm d’or that they hated how they were treated (like porn sluts not real actresses) and that the director was a creep But it’s hot to watch

  • Anonymous: 19 +1 -1

    I'd lick lea asshole and fuck her bad after 69 position

  • Abhinav: 23 +1 -1

    Best lesbian sex scene

  • Melisandre: 31 +1 -1

    This video is so erotic that it always makes me cum.

  • Ryan: 33 +1 -1

    Watching these two young girls fuck is very horny. But I recently got to know the old, male director made them film these sex scenes for days. at. a. time. Till the point they were exhausted and on the brink of crying. They were fucking for so long they forgot the cameras were even there. Director literally made them fuck so much. That man knew what he was doing. He must now have days (weeks) of extra unused sex material till this day…for himself.

  • pal2007: 11 +1 -1

    It's wonderful lesbo scene ever. I saw many times every time I satisfied

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    i need to take adele a place where I can kiss her butt before putting my face in it i'd huge it and pass my tongue in her soft skin then do analingus like I'm praying

  • Gta Lover: 9 +1 -1

    Damn.... Amazing scene.. love it

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    I wanna make them squirt

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  • Cd: 7 +1 -1

    I came so quick

  • Black: -26 +1 -1

    Thats bullshit until put cock

  • Breeder: -12 +1 -1

    I want to make them my own personal BREEDING pets.

  • Anonymous: 9 +1 -1

    kissing lea 18yo ass is the most grateful thing one can ever do

  • Anonymous: 6 +1 -1

    i want to eat adele ass and fuck her

  • Xxxx: 11 +1 -1

    5:16, head hurried between Adele’s legs, you can see Lea’s face is wet. Wow

  • Anakonda330: 2 +1 -1

    Very hot. Just weird how Adele seemed to be distracted, forcing it and forget to breathe...not looking aroused but like trying to perform at an athletic level.....ohwell still beautiful!

  • Anonymous: -10 +1 -1

    i need to eat adele shit and kiss her ass

  • Melisandre: 9 +1 -1

    I just want both of them to cum in my mouth

  • Anonymous: 4 +1 -1

    I would have a threesome with these two.

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    Shit i got bonner

  • Sexy boy: -5 +1 -1

    She was sexy but a thing I didn't like is that she didn't show her pussy

  • Anonymous: 0 +1 -1

    So harmony

  • Anonymous: -2 +1 -1

    Wie gerne würde ich da gerne den Kamera mann gewesen schade

  • Bully Dickguire: 2 +1 -1

    The heaven on Earth

  • Assfghh: -1 +1 -1

    진짜 올타임 레전드다

  • Anonymous: 4 +1 -1

    Very sexy

  • Riyal: 3 +1 -1

    The scene at 4:19 is the proof that this thing is not fake..

  • adele: -1 +1 -1

    "Adèle Exarchopoulos and Léa Seydoux wore prosthetic vulvas in the scenes in which they perform oral sex." IMDB

  • Melisandre: 8 +1 -1

    I cummed again and again. A fountain of pleasure. I wish I could bang them. I'm a single girl and I'm so horny when I ovulate. My insides hurt without pleasure.They help me find the ultimate joy in life. Rubbing legs eachother and releasing the valley of joy. I want someone to tap my pussie, rub it, lick it, and finger me until the fountain explodes. Dedicated to my lovely mapiva.

  • Alan: 0 +1 -1

    Bruh! This is porn. You can convince me it's not!

  • Anonymous: 1 +1 -1

    Adele looks very much like my ex girlfriend. Her big, brown eyes and her mouth is about the most prettiest I've seen and so much alike my ex it'salmostscaryto watch. Her innocent look and with her hair tied in a loose knot is absolutely freaking hot. She makes me wanna go back to my ex.

  • the noob: 0 +1 -1

    someone tell me how the fuck this did not get porn tag as the guy is waving his monster cock to adele's ass

  • bluebird: -3 +1 -1

    this is how hulk and abomination would have had sex

  • Trojan Cavalier: 1 +1 -1

    This is my favorite sex scene, PERIOD. The Americans can learn from the French

  • Anonymous: -3 +1 -1

    Anyone Chennai

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    Lesbian are banned in Christianity, Islam, Jew, What not but not in atheism come join us fellas, together we finish religions and their bigotry towards us LGBTQ+

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