Lisa Kudrow sexy - The Comeback s01 (2005)

Lisa Kudrow also performed some of the sexy and lipsmacking scenes in the tv serial shown above including many other female actresses that performed in the serial. She showed us her beautiful curved body with her hot and sexy poses. In the short clip, she was seen bringing some kind of food for her male partner who was having plaster on her hand. She was wearing some kind of top with shrugs like we were able to see her beautiful boobs in the clip also.

Lisa Kudrow was wearing a yellow color bra and over it a loose and open top of the same yellow color. She looked really hot while doing that. Further she was seen in a bath tub covered with wholly snow. She stands up wearing blue color check bikini and goes out. The clip has been taken from the tv serial named The Comeback which was aired on the tv in the year 2005. She looked really hot and sexy and showed her beautiful body to us.

Lisa Kudrow sexy - The Comeback s01 (2005) Lisa Kudrow sexy - The Comeback s01 (2005) Lisa Kudrow sexy - The Comeback s01 (2005)

Actress: Lisa Kudrow
TV show: The Comeback
Tags: sexy, cleavage


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