Mirella D’Angelo nude - Caligula (1979)

Mirella D’Angelo in nude scene from Caligula which was released in 1979. She shows us her tits, and bush in sex scene.

Mirella D’Angelo nude - Caligula (1979)Mirella D’Angelo nude - Caligula (1979)Mirella D’Angelo nude - Caligula (1979)

Actress: Mirella D’Angelo
Movies: Caligula
Tags: topless, sex, bush, nude


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    Among the most complex scenes Mirella D'Angelo has ever played is perhaps the humiliating scene of Caligula's violence against Livia, the character she played, in this film. "It was really upsetting, but Tinto and Malcolm were very kind and, although even today when I see it I feel my blood run cold because of its terrible meaning, I remember that on the set everything went smoothly, with respect and professionalism. Malcolm is a kind and wonderful actor! I don't know how he behaved during the whole production, but with me he was generous, kind and wonderful. He took care not to make me feel bad in that scene. He showered me with compliments and everything worked out for the best," D'Angelo said.

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