Natalie Portman sexy, Mila Kunis sexy - Black Swan (2010)

Natalie Portman in sexy scene from Black Swan which was released in 2010. There is not so much nudity but Natalie Portman looks pretty hot in lesbian sex scene.
Also Mila Kunis sexy in Black Swan. We can see lesbian and sex scene with her.

Natalie Portman sexy, Mila Kunis sexy - Black Swan (2010)Natalie Portman sexy, Mila Kunis sexy - Black Swan (2010)Natalie Portman sexy, Mila Kunis sexy - Black Swan (2010)

Actress: Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman
Movies: Black Swan
Tags: sex, sexy, lesbian


12 thought on “Natalie Portman sexy, Mila Kunis sexy - Black Swan (2010)

  • HOMBRE: 6 +1 -1

    Not at all impressed with the lame approach at editing of this flic. Total disappointment... Although I love the ladies. Right!!!!

  • Anonymous: 14 +1 -1

    I need to eat her panties while she masturbates then eat her pussy and fuck her bad

  • Anonymous: 6 +1 -1

    Arrnofosky if I were him I'd take Connelly, Lawrence, Portman and fuck all of them bad eat thier pussy and lick their asshole

  • Anonymous: 14 +1 -1

    I'd hug her after she cum when I eat her and keep kissing with the tongue while my hand touch her left breast this would be second to none if we were in a relationship

  • Pat: 9 +1 -1

    The director must have had a massive boner after this

  • Anonymous: 7 +1 -1

    Dirty Sexy Hot Lesbians

  • Portmantoo: 4 +1 -1

    Christ, Lady Natalie looks as skinny as a goddam Auschwitz survivor! But she still has that beautiful face to look at. Mila Kunis (Mi lil Kuntis) is just plain hot! I mean freaking banging hot!!

  • Daniel: 9 +1 -1

    Damn, her instructor should’ve just fingered her and gotten her that orgasm instead. Maybe even slept with her afterward and just gave it to her in bed. Then things could have gone way more…smoothly.

  • Hi: 10 +1 -1

    Need to eat that pussy for months damn she sexy

  • Natalie: 2 +1 -1

    No boobs shown..dissapointed

  • Anonymous: 0 +1 -1

    No boring lesbian, Natalie Portman deserves 20 years old hard cock inside her juicy pussy that is the basic rules of sex

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