Naturi Naughton nude - Power s01e01 (2014)

Naturi Naughton in the clip is seen coming wearing white gown and a long back coat over her and sitting in the car with her male partner. Next scene showed us both of them laid in the bed with nothing over them and Naturi Naughton wearing bra over her boobs and then she turns towards him and slides her hand down there on his dick and massages him making him go seduced and sexy. The guy after it gets sexually charges and then moves over Naturi Naughton and opens her legs and lifts her dress and then removes it making her go nude.

We got to see the big boobs of Naturi Naughton being nude under the guy and he kept on fucking her in classic missionary style while also enjoying the sexy motions. The clip showed both the guy and Naturi Naughton enjoying sex while the butts of Naturi Naughton looked really hot and sexy and they looked mind blowing and she looked hot too. The clip has been taken from the tv serial named Power which was aired on the tv in the year 2014. While she was going in the office, she can be seen opening her clothes like she opens her panty and then her dress making her boobs go nude and starts fingering and pressing her boobs making voices while making the guy look at her many times.

Naturi Naughton nude - Power s01e01 (2014) Naturi Naughton nude - Power s01e01 (2014) Naturi Naughton nude - Power s01e01 (2014)

Actress: Naturi Naughton
TV show: Power
Tags: topless, sex, butt, nude


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