Olivia Hussey nude - Romeo and Juliet (1968)

Olivia Hussey in nude scene from Romeo and Juliet which was released in 1968. She shows us her tits.

Olivia Hussey nude - Romeo and Juliet (1968)Olivia Hussey nude - Romeo and Juliet (1968)Olivia Hussey nude - Romeo and Juliet (1968)

Actress: Olivia Hussey
Movies: Romeo and Juliet
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41 thought on “Olivia Hussey nude - Romeo and Juliet (1968)

  • Anonymous:


  • Anonymous:

    When I watched this in class I had a very thick and hard boner

  • Anonymous:

    She was only like 15 then and got such angelic face and plumb tits

  • Hard Boi:

    teacher skipped this part for us :(

  • Anonymous:

    Wish I could have seen more

  • Emmanuel:

    When i was in class i started touching myself when this scene came on

  • Anonymous:

    We watched this in class it was funny seeing the teachers face when she saw that

  • Anonymous:


  • Anonymous:

    My cock was throbbing hard I never seen boobs before!!

  • S:

    Nice titts

  • Jourdan:

    This movie was rated PG? Geez if it was that brief it should of been at least PG-13

  • Knight Wind:

    Ah this brings back so many memories.

  • Willy:

    Nice scene xxx

  • Super Saiyan Goku:


  • Anonymous:

    My Dick was so hard when we watched at school

  • Anonymous:

    She's soo hot tho

  • Jon:

    Fbi open up she was 15 in this clip

  • Omega:


  • Fortnite:

    Wait in 1969 you can smash at 15 hmmm

  • Anonymous:

    Funny how she wasn’t even allowed to watch the movie because of the nudity because she wasn’t 18... but she’s the one who is nude

  • Olivia Hussey:

    Im trying my best as we shoot on the movie and please pay some respect.

  • Nibber:

    Noice Titties hoe

  • Anonymous:

    In france the legal age is 16

  • bbc nigga:

    iwould leave my hoe for her

  • Anonymous:

    Really good made me happy and gave me a stiffy

  • jimmy:

    i like boobies

  • Anonymous:

    Missed this scene in class becuase I went to the damn bathroom

  • brody:

    It always annoyed me hat he was more nude than she was

  • prematureejack:

    Saw this in school in ireland. What a surprise and the teachers were shocked and ran out of the room to have a meeting.

  • Bruh:

    My fucking teacher skipped this shit in class smh, was the best part of the movie

  • Jean:

    I’m fucking pissed how I didn’t go to class and because of this I missed it

  • Anonymous:

    Luckily for me, I sat in the back of my class when we watched this. Really helped hide my boner.

  • Anonymous:

    I believe she was 18 by the time the movie was released.. it took about 3 years to make. Juliet, in the story was around 14 ish

  • 2019:


  • She’s 12 I’m 12:

    I’m still surprised how beautiful she is to this day. I was even more surprised to hear of this scene which really made it better.

  • jeff:

    she was 13 in this scene stupid

  • Lenny face:

    1st time I saw tits

  • Anonymous:

    She’s almost 70 now

  • Gabey:

    The actor was 16

  • Kid from Brandeis:


  • fag:

    actually it was determined that she was 18 when thid scene was filmed sorry to break it to ya.

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