Paulina Gaitan nude - Diablo Guardian s01e01 (2018)

Paulina Gaitan shows her amazing nude boobs as a guy looks on and approaches the window. Also in this erotic video from Diablo Guardian s01e01 sexy Paulina Gaitan is fully nude under the shower. She has the perfect body and round butt.

Actress: Paulina Gaitan
TV show: Diablo Guardian
Tags: nude, butt, underwear, topless


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    Since the first episode of this series , Paulina Gaitan has invariably had some nude scene. It wasn't so easy, she says, because she actually considers herself quite modest, and for that reason, these sequences had to be done behind closed doors, or rather, on a closed set. "Batan Silva always respected me a lot, he knew that I was a complicated character, that I had to be with someone every day or be naked. They took these issues very delicately, they took great care of me. I was naked and played with the actors, you know? There was never any problem." But also, Paulina adds, there was a cunning plan: to avoid making her uncomfortable, she did the sex scenes with friends. "There are many cameos and those people who just happen to be intimate, what I asked for was for them to be my friends. So I brought actors with me who are lifelong friends, like José Sefami. I told him: 'Come Sefami, let's have sex, my love, we're going to have a good time' and there we were having a good time, as it should be."

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