Salma Hayek sexy - Breaking Up (1997)

Salma Hayek is seen flaunting her sexy body in the movie shown here. The clip showed her beautiful body and sexy assets in the clip shown here. The clip starts with Salma Hayek being kissed by her male partner. She was grabbed by her male partner with her clothes beige removed and she left in her black bra only. The guy picks her up and takes her to the room where she was thrown on the bed and then made to be fucked in the classic missionary style sexual position with Salma Hayek under her.

In the next scene, she was seen laid on the top of his body while he places his hand over her boob and presses it. Further they both can be seen enjoying the bath under the shower in the washroom with the guy massaging the back of Salma Hayek with his hands and also pressing her ass and making her boobs being visible to us. The clip has been taken from the movie named Breaking Up which was released in the year 1997. The clip showed Salma Hayek being sexy and hot and getting fucked. She looked really sexy in that underwear and we also got to see her nipslip and sexy cleavage and side boob from her also.

Salma Hayek sexy - Breaking Up (1997) Salma Hayek sexy - Breaking Up (1997) Salma Hayek sexy - Breaking Up (1997)

Actress: Salma Hayek
Movies: Breaking Up
Tags: underwear, sexy, cleavage, side boob, nipslip


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  • Anonymous: 26 +1 -1

    Very hot and sexy

  • Anonymous: 11 +1 -1

    Salma is the SEXIEST Actress Acting now.

  • i have sex with my aunt: -6 +1 -1

    i do this everyday with my aunt

  • Uttar Pradesh: -5 +1 -1

    I am a desi guy, this is very sexy sexy sexy

  • Anonymous: 11 +1 -1

    She is very hot women

  • xain: -1 +1 -1

    Salma's breasts look very different wet in the shower

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