Sara Cosmi nude - Fallo (2003)

Sara Cosmi in nude scene from Fallo which was released in 2003. She shows us her tits, butt and bush in explicit sex scene.

Sara Cosmi nude - Fallo (2003) Sara Cosmi nude - Fallo (2003) Sara Cosmi nude - Fallo (2003)

Actress: Sara Cosmi
Movies: Fallo
Tags: topless, sex, butt, bush, nude, explicit


8 thought on “Sara Cosmi nude - Fallo (2003)

  • Iloveblondepussy: 11 +1 -1

    She is amazingly hot. Holy shit. I'm going to jerk off for her tonight. Wish i could bang that beautiful pussy, and have her squirt on my face. I want to jizz all over that body, and then have her kick me in the balls with those high heels. And then castrate me.

  • C: 17 +1 -1

    A very erotic and explicit yet funny scene , very enjoyable.

  • Anonymous: 14 +1 -1

    No actual sex, but sexy!!!

  • forever: 24 +1 -1

    please add anal tag

  • polo: 4 +1 -1

    Not Bad!

  • Erich: -7 +1 -1

    too hairy for me. sorry.

  • BehindTheScene: -2 +1 -1

    It's really obvious and many times stated in interviews about the sexual filming style of tinto brass...many call him a pioneer and many call him out otherwise... Tinto's use of fake penises and body double's carved the way for adult filming in his genre. But while filming this movie Sara cosmi had to go through some minor difficulties.. In an interview for a local magazine in 2005 she told "It was really fun shooting for the film,the director had us covered each scene before hand,I shot the fake penis blowjob scene and left the rest for the body double, but suddenly due to a change in a scene..I had to show my face from a certain angle doing the nasty. We started from the previous scene with the fake penis and in the next scene I had to hold a body doubles penis near my face in my hand. That particular scene was really hard to film because it was decided suddenly.. We shot it in few takes and then I was done.... The whole crew was really supportive"

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