Sharon Stone nude - A Different Loyalty (2004)

Sharon Stone in the clip shown here can be seen being really sexy and hot and flaunting her sexy style while being dragged by her male partner inside somewhere where all the other animals were lying. The guy talks to Sharon Stone and after a little talk, he opens the hook of the dress and then opens the dress making her boobs go nude and starts kissing the girl and making her go mad. The guy places one hand inside the inner thighs of the Sharon Stone and removes the panty and pushes himself inside her pussy and starts fucking her.

They were having sex while standing beside the animals cage and they were doing so while standing and Sharon Stone can be heard even getting fucked by the guy in the animal`s cage. Her boobs can be seen beautiful and round while they both were laid on the floor with each other and the blanket being wrapped. They were having drink when it fells on the chest of the guy and Sharon Stone starts licking her chest and they starts having smooch and then the guy comes over her and starts fucking heron the classic missionary style. The clip has been taken from the movie named A Different Loyalty which was released in the year 2004.

Sharon Stone nude - A Different Loyalty (2004) Sharon Stone nude - A Different Loyalty (2004) Sharon Stone nude - A Different Loyalty (2004)

Actress: Sharon Stone
Movies: A Different Loyalty
Tags: topless, sex, nude


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