Sofia Helin nude - Broen s03e04 (2015)

Sofia Helin in nude scene from Broen s03e04 which was released in 2015. She shows us her bush in sex scene. There is not much other real nudity but Sofia Helin looks quite sexy in that underwear.

Sofia Helin nude - Broen s03e04 (2015) Sofia Helin nude - Broen s03e04 (2015) Sofia Helin nude - Broen s03e04 (2015)

Actress: Sofia Helin
TV show: Broen
Tags: sex, bush, nude, underwear


7 thought on “Sofia Helin nude - Broen s03e04 (2015)

  • Yes: 6 +1 -1

    Looks like real sex scene with internal ejaculation

  • Sex: 5 +1 -1

    Guy here creampied Sofia's hairy pussy

  • Anonymous: -1 +1 -1

    Sex was real. Here Magnus Schmitz really kept his dick inside Sofia Helin's hairy pussy, but probably he didn't creampie her.

  • fatherfucking0: -3 +1 -1

    you mother father fucker! fuck this guy! i just wanna see sofia helin's nudity! this shitty-ass video clip have no part of her naked full body! go fucking die!!!

  • Capricorn man: 10 +1 -1

    Not a real sex scene. If I played the scene with Sofia here, I would add to scenario the scene where I bury my face into her fantastic huge hairy bush perfect for facerubbing - for example when Sofia takes her notebook, I would be rubbing my face on her bushy muff with pleasure

  • Anonymous: 4 +1 -1

    When Sofia pulls the blanket up to cover herself you can briefly see the guy’s dick and it doesn’t look like he’s wearing a condom, so within the context of the story/scene it’s probably safe to assume that Saga Noren (Sofia’s character) does indeed get creampied when the guy cums at 00:16

  • Anonymous: 5 +1 -1

    Creampie is sure for Sofia`s hairy pussy. Guy`s balls are huge when he fucks her, it is seen at the beginning of the scene, then he cums obviously and then much smaller cock. Natural after ejaculation. I am sure Sofia Helin and Magnus Schmitz here had real sex with creampie finish.

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