Sophie Dix nude - The Advocate (1993)

Sophie Dix in nude scene from The Advocate which was released in 1993. She shows us her tits and ass including full frontal nudity in sex scene.

Sophie Dix nude - The Advocate (1993) Sophie Dix nude - The Advocate (1993) Sophie Dix nude - The Advocate (1993)

Actress: Sophie Dix
Movies: The Advocate
Tags: topless, sex, butt, nude, full frontal


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    Great nude scene from gorgeous Sophie Dix who looks rather like Danish beauty Sofie Grabol. On seeing Colin Firth's morning erection Sophie strips naked and takes the opportunity to satisfy her vagina. Sophie has a lovely slender body with full, slightly saggy breasts and large pale pink areolae. In keeping with her character as a medieval vixen, Sophie has a natual and unshaved body with hairy armpits and a massive bush of pubic hair surrounding her pussy. As she crawls towards Colin Firth she exposes her very hairy genitals and we see tufts of her long pubes sprouting around her labia. Sophie must have really enjoyed this scene as she vigorously rides Firth's cock before having intercourse doggy style, all the while moaning and grunting with orgasmic pleasure.

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