Amy Irving nude - Carried Away (1996)

Amy Irving in nude scene from Carried Away which was released in 1996. She shows us her tits including full frontal nudity in sex scene.

Amy Irving nude - Carried Away (1996)Amy Irving nude - Carried Away (1996)Amy Irving nude - Carried Away (1996)

Actress: Amy Irving
Movies: Carried Away
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    "It was the longest night of my life," Amy Irving exclaimed, laughing, in reference to the nude sex scene she has with Dennis Hopper and directed by her real life husband Bruno Barreto. "It wasn't just getting naked. It was a woman getting naked beyond nakedness. It was finding a place in which I, as an actress, was able to act without feeling self-conscious of the 30 crew members, and making love in front of my husband. I don't think any two actors took better care of each other than Dennis and I did that night. It was very intense, surrealistic. You block out everything, and you just see each other, and I think that helped to bring the intimacy between Dennis and me even closer." She revealed the scene was edited but in reality it was longer and very explicit, borderline with pornography. "You wouldn't believe what was cut. There were moments when Bruno would say. 'Now I think we should try this.' And I like..." Irving rolled her eyes. "Sometimes I couldn't believe what he was asking me to do." But she said having explicit sex on set did not make her uncomfortable, "We're not making porn films here," she asserted. "We're expressing human nature in a very real, very strong, moving way."

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    @BehindTheScene I love the scene the way it is. She is very sexy and she looks fantastic naked. But I wish we could see that version of the movie! Or at least know what was actually included in the full scene. Amy sucking his cock, him eating her out, him fucking her .... who knows. I'm sure it would all be fake but even so. Barreto just has this footage in his garage or whatever and isn't sharing it with the world! The bastard!!

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