Amy Robinson nude - Mean Streets (1973)

Amy Robinson in nude scene from Mean Streets which was released in 1973. She shows us her tits and ass.

Amy Robinson nude - Mean Streets (1973) Amy Robinson nude - Mean Streets (1973) Amy Robinson nude - Mean Streets (1973)

Actress: Amy Robinson
Movies: Mean Streets
Tags: topless, butt, nude


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    Talking about Amy Robinson's nude scene, Martin Scorsese said, "We were shooting it in a small room at the Hilton hotel in LA - no, the Biltmore hotel in LA - and I just got everybody out who was not needed except the cameraman and the assistant cameraman and the soundman, that's it. And the script lady. We made it very comfortable. We were very nervous at first. We didn't have enough time to shoot it. Most of the scene is lost. We had to drop most of the scene because of that. There's a part where he attacks her and they roll around on the bed - that was part of the warm-up but I used it anyway. It's just a matter of keeping it private. It can't be a circus. Because I get embarrassed. I don't want people running in and out."

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