Amy Smart nude - Mirrors (2008)

Amy Smart in this short clip is seen removing her jewellery and making her hair in bun style and getting ready for shower and bath in the bath tub. She was in the shower when the clip started and then she removed her shirt all of a sudden while she goes away from the mirror, her shadow remained there watching her. She lays down in the bathtub but her shadow started pulling her jaw and made her go dead in the bathtub with everything bloody red in color.

The clip has been taken from the movie named Mirrors which was released in the year 2008. Amy Smart showed her sexy body and side boob. She looked hot though the movie was scary and dreadful type.

Amy Smart nude - Mirrors (2008) Amy Smart nude - Mirrors (2008) Amy Smart nude - Mirrors (2008)

Actress: Amy Smart
Movies: Mirrors
Tags: butt, nude, side boob


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    That's kinda cool. I know of a few chicks with big mouths that this scene would clearly be totally perfect solutions for!

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