Amy Smart sexy - Crank (2006)

Amy Smart is seen in the clip wearing sexy white camisole and shorts and was seen doing something with her oven in the kitchen and then the bell rings and she opens the door and we got to see her male partner coming inside the room. He kisses her and then goes inside while Amy Smart talks to him. The guy comes back and holds the hand of Amy Smart and takes her inside the room and kisses her making her seduced but she denies.

In the next scene, Amy Smart was seen laid on the road with her male partner making her shirt opened and getting nude in front of the people sitting and standing on the road. The guy removes her clothes and makes her go nude while opens his pants also and fucks her on the road in the missionary style while Amy Smart moans and makes moves. She was further made stand with the help of the table and then the guy bent her a bit and fucked her from behind her ass making her moan heavily and the people watching them enjoying the fucking. Amy Smart is seen showing boobs and sexy body in the clip. The clip has been taken from the movie named Crank which was released in the year 2006.

Amy Smart sexy - Crank (2006) Amy Smart sexy - Crank (2006) Amy Smart sexy - Crank (2006)

Actress: Amy Smart
Movies: Crank
Tags: sex, see thru, sexy


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