Gemma Arterton nude - Byzantium (2012)

Gemma Arterton in the clip has been seen with her male partner, sliding her hand in his pants and holding his dick while the guy holds her from her thighs and then Gemma Arterton makes his dick come out from the pants and then he pushed the dick inside hr pussy and also pushes her through the wall and starts fucking her slowly and steadily while Gemma Arterton seen moaning beautifully wearing her shirt on her body while getting fucked. The guy after fucking a bit takes her to the bed room.

In the next scene, Gemma Arterton was seen sleeping nude on the bed, she wakes up and shows us her boobs and her hot ass while getting up from the bed and walking towards her guy who was sitting outside the house and having cigarette. They both got to lock their lips while sitting outside and then enjoy having sex too. Then inside the river, both were having a bath and they also started kissing each other inside it. The clip has been taken from the movie named Byzantium which was released in the year 2012.

Gemma Arterton nude - Byzantium (2012) Gemma Arterton nude - Byzantium (2012) Gemma Arterton nude - Byzantium (2012)

Actress: Gemma Arterton
Movies: Byzantium
Tags: topless, nude, underwear, striptease, cleavage, thong, nipslip


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