Jessica Alba nude - The Sleeping Dictionary (2003)

Jessica Alba in the clip is seen sitting on the bed and talking to her male partner who stands there and watches her being sitting on the bed and wearing sleeveless dress right from her chest to down there. She was looking absolutely beautiful and bold. She sits on the bed while the guy comes and grabs her and she hugs him. Both of them starts kissing each other and also grabbing each other`s waist and getting sexually aroused when the guy started opening her clothes and taking the boobs in his hand and massaging them. The guy massaged them and also sucked them beautifully by taking her boobs in his hand.

The clip further showed her beautiful body while the guy did some oral sex and made beautiful moanings also. The clip has been taken from the movie named The Sleeping Dictionary which was released in the year 2003. Jessica Alba showed her boobs and sexy butts in the clip when they got sucked and pressed by her male partner and it made her go mad. The couple started with sucking and performed some oral kind of things in the clip further.

Jessica Alba nude - The Sleeping Dictionary (2003) Jessica Alba nude - The Sleeping Dictionary (2003) Jessica Alba nude - The Sleeping Dictionary (2003)

Actress: Jessica Alba
Movies: The Sleeping Dictionary
Tags: topless, nude


15 thought on “Jessica Alba nude - The Sleeping Dictionary (2003)

  • SK: 51 +1 -1

    Ishat really Jessica Alba?

  • MRX: 54 +1 -1

    Nope. Body Double.

  • King: 12 +1 -1

    Jessica Alba, yeahhhhh

  • King: 18 +1 -1

    Jessica yeah

  • adela kaina: 25 +1 -1


  • Anonymous: -7 +1 -1

    I fuck you

  • Anonymous: -5 +1 -1

    My dick in ur pussy

  • AA: 46 +1 -1

    Not her nude body. It's a body double. Her real nips are darker than the nips you see in this movie

  • John doe: 24 +1 -1

    Were that real boobs of her or cut scene someone else showed up?

  • Rich Sanchez: 14 +1 -1

    Body double! Yes they have those for actors/actresses that don't want to be nude. Her face and tits were NOT in the same frame at same time.

  • Anonymous: 9 +1 -1

    Why can't she just show everybody her titties it's in your crush

  • Anonymous: 5 +1 -1

    She is so beautiful and her Scan look so soft i so wish that was me with her.

  • Anonymous: -5 +1 -1

    Super nude hot abla

  • BabyShadow: 3 +1 -1

    Watched this movie growing up, still a good one from memory on this film. Soo HOT Alba..!!

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